Design for village restoration Ulsan Samho-dong.                     

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“This work is part of public design’s project. We developed a package of concept ideas to restore an underdeveloped village in Ulsan. The persons concerned have meeting and think up the restoration Sam-ho. A remodeling Sam-ho project make both people and migratory birds having better life.”

• Research background The Development of Samho-dong, a backward area of Ulsan, as a Migratory Bird Tourism Village.

• Research purposeTo make Samho-dong a better place for local residents not only a migratory tourist village for tourists but also migratory birds.

• Research characteristic                                                                        Interview and survey, co-design workshop

• Research conclusion  Development of Idea for Migratory Bird Tourism Villages with Major Problems in Samho-dong

Research team:  백준상, 김진성, Shuping Xiong, 김소정, 박윤이, 김준태, 곽동화, 김가이, 김재희, 오가영  

 partner : samsung electronic